Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back in Town

More than 2 months have passed since my last post. Sorry for these perturbations related to changing continents. I'm about to resume blogging after a few changes and adaptations due to my new environment:
  • One is the cute new banner you must have seen already.
  • Furthermore, the name of this blog has been changed from Resonaances to Résonaances.
  • Seriously ;-)
  • All you fellow bloggers, you should update the name in your blog roll, otherwise you risk being sued by La Commission de la Protection de la Langue Française.
  • Mhm, I actually found out that La Comission does not exist anymore, but one never knows...
  • And all you readers, mind that the pronunciation has changed :-)
  • The subsequent posts will have an abstract in French.
  • Joking, of course. French is perfect for flirting, but not as much for talking science.
  • Consequently, author's name remains Jester, it has *NOT* been changed to Le Bouffon ;-)
The last two months when I was out have been quiet anyway. Dark matter was discovered, again. Higgs was rumored to be seen at the Tevatron, again. Some unexplained events have been seen at the LHC. Just business as usual. These latter rumors should be exponentially growing with each picobarn acquired by the LHC; in case, you know where to ask ;-)


D'anonyme said...

Bienvenue en arrière, fils de prodigal. Et pouvez vous apprécier votre sejour dans la République. O la la

Luboš Motl said...

I spent three days fixing all appearance of Resonaances on my blog - changing it to Résonaances, and then I come to this thread to tell you. And at the top, it says:

Post a Comment On: RESONAANCES

Jester said...

Ooops, thanks, you saved me Lubos. I don't know what would happen if they noticed it...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere - we've missed your posts.

tulpoeid said...

Bienvenu de nouveau!

Unknown said...

J'adore ton nouveau banner. It's very "chic".