Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools'08: Commercial Success

One look at the plot above is enough to conclude that Resonaances is getting more and more popular. The resonaance on the 11th can be well explained by a citation from Cosmic Variance. It is clear, hovever that the background has increased significantly in the second half of the month. A careful analysis shows that the increase can be attributed to people looking for porno on Google and ending up at my post Porno at CERN. I guess they imagine respectable scientist having gay sex on paper-laden desks during office hours and, apparently, find the idea thrilling.

Anyway, popularity is precious, and I decided to profit from that. I proudly announce that today the Resonaances shop opens for the first time. It is conveniently located outside the premises of CERN, just beside Microcosm. The shop sells doublet-triplet magnets, semi-conducting electric wires, ping-pong balls and other spare accelerator parts. The offer also includes fossil wormholes trapped in amber, jester hats, monopole magnetic stickers, handwritten scripts of my posts and other imponderabilia. All at affordable prices. Drop by next time you're around.


notevenwrong said...

Since you're trying to cater to the porno/HEP market, I thought this might be the right place to mention this LHC story:


Anonymous said...

why was my comment deleted?