Monday, 21 January 2008

String School @ CERN

This week the RTN Winter School on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge Theories takes place here at CERN. On a deeply philosophical level, I noticed that running a blog for more than one year implies that some events are recurring. Maybe because they happen annually?

This year we have the following five series of lectures:
- Black hole microstates by Jan de Boer
- Supersymmetry phenomenology for string theorists by Gian Giudice
- Integrability and AdS/CFT by Nick Dorey
- Flux compactifications from gauged supergravities by Henning Samtleben
- Pure spinor formulation of string theory by Yaron Oz
The topics are more formal than usual; Beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise there. For this reason, you should not expect an extensive coverage this year.

Video recordings of all lectures are posted on school's web page.


Paolo said...

Unfortunately, the audio was missing from the first videos... I (and probably many other people) reported that and as a result immediately disappeared. Hopefully will be fixed and uploaded again...

Anonymous said...

Beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise there.

Hm, I'm sorry but I don't understand this sentence. Who is Beckenbauer?

Anonymous said...

coin, if you keep misbehaving name go in book.

Anonymous said...

This is some kind of internal joke??? The only Beckenbauer I know of is Franz, but what does soccer have to do with string theory?

Jester said...

Shame on you never watch Monthy Python?

Here's the relevant link:

"Beckenbauer..." means that one person does not fit the rest of the line-up.