Thursday, 2 August 2007

Closed for Summer's more than two weeks since my last post. I'm afraid you need even more patience. Summer is conference time and holiday time, and hell lot of work to do in between. Clearly, i'm not one of them Bloggin' Titans like him or him or her who would keep blogging from a sinking ship if they had such an opportunity.

My schedule is hopelessly tight until mid-August. After that i should resume my average of 1.5 post per week. Or maybe more, because much will be going on at CERN TH. I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, maybe this will make you feel better about your blogging rate: last summer I set up a blog on an intranet, just an experiment to see how much time it would take and if it could be sustainably interesting. Come September, I gave up on it. Way too time-consuming.

I have no idea how the blogging titans pull it off. Maybe they are simply at least an order of magnitude more productive than I am.

Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Ha. I get claustrophobia on an island, there's no way you'd get me on a ship, blogging or not. But I like the idea of a last post 'M'aidez, M'aidez, we are sinking!'

What are you SINKING about?

Wishing you a great summer!

- B.

Jester said...

Yeah, time is rare these days...I would like to know how much time others need to write an average post. I have an impression that it takes me far too long. But i dont give up, not yet.