Thursday 3 May 2007

Physics, Math and Comics

People around complain that Resonaances has become too serious. It has even been linked as "serious hep-ph" by one of my fellow bloggers. To be sincere, writing about particle theory is what i enjoy the most. But being taken seriously is the last thing i wish. So i have made a commitment of posting light articles once a week (twice a week during Lent). This is my first post under label Distraction.

Recently, i was told about xkcd and came to like it a lot. The site is run by Randall Munroe, a physicist and engineer from Virginia. Randall presents cheerful comics with lots of self-ironic reference to physics and math. I consider his artwork an excellent comment on this peculiar state of mind that develops here at CERN ;-)

This is my favourite:
I wonder why i like it...have i been acting strangely, recently?
This one, i believe, should make all bloggers smile

There is much more. Enjoy. New comics appear every week. If you're curious what xkcd stands for, here is the explanation.

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