Tuesday 23 January 2007


I need to repeat that again: I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition. I was linked by the well-known heavy-traffic blog of Peter Woit and apparently I'm having a storming crowd of visitors today. So I owe a word of apology. I feel as if somebody walked into my flat in a morning to see the usual state of affairs. This blog is still in an unstable beta or even gamma stage. I just started and so far I've assumed nobody's going to read what I write. Hope that both the appearance and the quality of my blog will improve with time.

Update: what is embarrassement for me is happiness for some ;-). Yeah, but this guy has all these shiny buttons and waterpipes...


Anonymous said...

Ha! Sure, get it over with. Having a blog and keeping it updated is like having a daughter - you start to worry how she is dressed when you carry her around. But she also makes you proud at times.


Jester said...

Of course, everyone wants THIS to happen. But things are going so fast that it gives me vertigo. Before I needed just one clone to do all my work; now i need an army of clones.